That usually depends on who you’re asking (your mum, your significant other, your best friend). This week there’s no denying that one bum has taken it to a whole ‘nother level of big bum-ness irrespective of which way (or which angle) you look at it.

Kim Kardashian’s derriere made it’s debut this week on the front page of ‘Paper’ magazine and you have to hand it to her. In today’s salacious and media driven environment it takes a lot to generate news that’s worthy of making even Hugh Heffner’s jaw drop. Since her first very public outing (sex tape anyone)?, it would appear on reflection that Kimmy has spent the last 11 years engineering both her professional profile and personal relationships to the point where she is now arguably one of the most photographed and influential women in the world.

Bimbo accusations and arguments of feminine objectification aside – one can only conclude that behind the huge eyelashes and vacant smile there indeed lies someone with a steely resolve, both a shrewd business woman and opportunist who refuses to lay down and accept the limitations that anyone or anything puts in her path. Put it down to a ‘domineering’ Mother if you like….Kim has three other sisters and a brother whose own exploits can’t compare (Kim Kardashian dix poi/ Robert Kardashian nil poi).

How many of us would have shrunk into obscurity and shunned the spotlight following the leak of OUR very own sex tape? I for one would have booked myself onto the first Malaysia Airlines plane going to nowhere. . Remember – this is a woman who once played second fiddle to Paris Hilton (Paris who)? A virtual nobody who played third, fourth, fifth fiddle to a once well known RNB star (Ray-J who)? My point exactly!

When it comes to turning something to her advantage Kimmy ain’t playing.

And while her ability to turn every cloud into a silver lining is admirable (a non tech entrepreneur launching one of the most successful apps of 2014 – scandal!), one can’t help feeling that this latest venture is a step too far. This week’s ‘Paper’ feature struck a cord with me for all the wrong reasons. The action smacks of someone who is desperate to keep the limelight on herself at all costs and Twitter retweets (and Instagram likes aside), I fear the future ramifications of this on her daughter really haven’t been thought through. While growing up in a showbiz family will surely reduce North West’s sensitivity to the press – I can’t help putting my feet in her shoes. At this point she’s probably oblivious to the furore being generated by her mother. Fast forward 15 years and you can imagine the awkward conversations round the dining room table when the timeline of her mothers ascent to fame and fortune are presented to her. Probably going to lead to some awkward moments at private school aswell.

Madison: ‘Well my mummy said your mummy was a hoe’…..

Northwest: *silence*



There’s always home – schooling I guess.



Don’t get me wrong. It’s great that Kim is proud of her body – but the message I’m getting is that pleasing the public is worth more to her than her daughter’s spiritual and emotional wellbeing. I can understand a woman’s decision to pursue this route if it’s the only option to feed, cloth her family or provide them with a good education (I’m not a member of the Amish community). I could understand it if  this feature followed an extended period of  being overweight (i.e. in celebration of getting your body back). In this case Kim’s action clearly isn’t spurred by either –  with Kim’s existing personal wealth, a wealthy husband, wealthy family and participation in the Bound two video (to add fuel to the fire), material desperation can probably be safely ruled out.

Time to put the Louboutins and baby oil away? I think so – if not for her baby at least for her future sanity.