In short. Therapy. First blog post and already it feels good to be writing this.

So I used to write a diary. Mainly in my teens, for years and years. I’m not sure why I stopped although in hindsight it did coincide with when I became happy. Deep down happy. Really, really happy and just happier with life in general. I started writing a diary in 1992 and continued right through until 2010.

So I’m not pissed off or anything – and now, I when I look back over my old diary entries I do chuckle (did I ‘really write that!’), and as we’ve progressed in the intervening years from putting pen to paper (to putting fingers to keypads) I want to bring it back. I actually wanted to start a Private You tube vlog (just for myself), but given all the Iphone expose’ crap that’s going on (plus the fact that I get no fackin privacy in my own damn haaaus!) – I figured blogging is a tad safer.

Grabbing your thoughts and arranging them so they’re fully visible is cathartic to say the least.Partly because it allows you to sit back and really process what you’re thinking. Partly becasue it gives you an amazing insight into where you were back then and where you are right now. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and in the same token, so are memories.

So I’ll be writing about my life. About what I like (and what or who I don’t like). I make no apologies for spelling, grammar or swear words (my blog remember). Names, geographical references and titles will be changed to protect the innocent. You’re welcome to follow if you like (although you don’t have to) & last (but not least) insightful comments welcome.